Are you ready for the 2024 Red Carpet Challenge at Haven Conference?!

Calling all the HAVEN MAVENS!

Are you ready to get dressed up and party? Oh good! Because it's that magical time of year again and I am so excited to announce the theme for this years RED CARPET CHALLENGE at HAVEN CONFERENCE!  

Why "Studio 24" ? 

It is 2024 and the world is in constant upheaval. We have all had struggles, challenges, loses but hopefully we have all had wins and opportunities and changes in our lives that we are proud of amidst the chaos of everyday life.

As content creators and influencers how often do we feel or hear that we are TOO MUCH? Too Weird, Too Crazy, Too Loud? Too Out There, Too over-the top?

Maybe with time (and the wise words of Else Meyers) many of us have decided to embrace what makes them unique and tell the haters…

“If I am TOO much for you…go find less”

It’s empowering to accept yourself for who you really are and not what others feel you should be. I always want everyone to embrace that idea and then do whatever I can to create opportunities that let people to show-off & shine!

So when Kristen asked me last year to be thinking about the Red Carpet Event for 2024, I knew I wanted it to be an over the top celebration of each of our “too muchness”

The idea came to me almost immediately because when I think of a decade that was unapologetically over the top...

-its gotta be the 70’s and the age of disco


In the late 70’s Studio 54 was the ultimate place to be and be seen. It was a glitzy and glamorous star-studded disco where many of the traditional everyday expectations were thrown out the window.

“Too Muchness” was not just tolerated but celebrated - no look was too weird, too out there, too loud or too over-the-top.

Studio 54 was a haven for many where the both the bold and the brave could be their realest selves. You might find Singer Lou Reed wearing his street clothes chatting with a tuxedo clad Andy Warhol.

  Grace Jones could be performing on stage in a skin tight spandex suit while Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler sip cocktails in the corner. No one would even bat an eye when Bianca Jagger wanted to ride in on a white horse for her Birthday.

Being comfortable in your own skin, with your own style was beautiful!  Doing what was expected or palatable was as good as being invisible and it’s what kept you outside in the cold, stuck behind the bouncers and the velvet rope.

"Studio 24" & Haven Conference

Studio 54 brought together all types. Artists, actors, singers, fashion designers, models and the who’s who of the day would all come to one location to dance and play the night away together.

So it wasn’t hard to recognize the similarities with Haven Conference, because they do that every year. This conference brings people from all over the country that are different ages, backgrounds, styles, areas of expertise, experience levels and niches together with the common goal of helping us achieve our goals, learn from one another and be our best selves!

So my idea to make this years red carpet theme “Studio 24” felt like the best of both worlds, and the best part… everyone can be a VIP.

Registering for the Studio 24 Party & Challenge is your fast pass through the velvet rope where you will be treated to all the best music, glitz, glamour and modern disco vibes you can handle!


The Red Carpet Challenge Info


Let me start by saying that obviously this is still a work related event and Studio 54 really tipped the scales when it came to Greek-god level debauchery, but keeping it classy doesn’t mean that the fits and fashion can’t be out of this world.

This is my 3rd year hosting the Red Carpet Challenge and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that Haven Mavens know how to show up and show out. You all love a good theme as well as a spirited challenge with opportunity to show off a little… and I am here for every minute of it.

The late 70’s were all about living out loud. The music, the fashion, the hair and makeup even the accessories were the best kind of EXTRA!

If a Haven Maven at the conference wants to keep it simple and just come and have a good time… no problem!


i will say this though... this challenge was created for those of you that really want love to go Big at a themed even, but don't know if you should.

(Enter the Madam of Making) You all know I love a good head to toe, over the top look and what I learned last year is that I am not alone!

So many of you really went above and beyond last year for our SEQUINS, SUITS & SNEAKERS event,  and I’m guessing even more will this year.

TOO BIG, TOO LOUD, TOO MUCH… is not in my vocabulary or the challenges and events that I create. I’m hoping to see fierce head to toe looks that not only celebrate the era of disco but also celebrating the uniqueness and personality of the person wearing it!

In a nut shell....

•Think about what you are wearing

•Decide if you want to enter the additional categories by either sewing part of your outfit of making part of it from unconventional materials.

•Get Registered for the Event (form is below) once registered you will be added to a GROUP CHAT on Instagram where I will share updates and answer questions over the next few weeks.

•Share a sneak peek of your look on Instagram and make sure to tag @havenconference & @madamofmaking and use #studio24party

•Look for me on Thursday Night during check-in registration to receive your VIP pass and party package for the event. 

Save this Helpful Checklist

Prize Packages

How to Enter

Getting registered for the Studio 24 Red Carpet Challenge is SO easy! Just fill out the form below and once it's submitted keep an eye out for the confirmation email and you will then be added to Group Chat on Instagram. 

STUDIO 24 Challenge Registration

Bonus Category Details, Requirements and Eligibility for the Grand Prize Package

Please Read Before Checking the Boxes Below

UNCONVENTIONAL MATERIALS CHALLENGE - think out of the box and create an over the top accessory, bag, jewelry, shoes or part of your entire outfit using unconventional materials like items you'd find at the hardware store, office supplies, recycled materials, found objects etc. 

MAKE IT YOURSELF - put on your fashion designer hat, find a patterns or start sketching and then get behind a sewing machine to make at least 50% of your outfit from scratch. 

You can choose to enter BOTH categorizes as long as you fulfill the requirements of each.

Example that works: you have sewn part of your outfit from scratch AND also make and accessories using unconventional materials.

•Only the Names of the registered attendees that have entered at least one of the BONUS Categories will be put into the drawing for the Grand Prize Package. Each bonus category will give you an additional chance to win.
EXAMPLE: For those that register and complete BOTH bonus categories will have their name put in 3 times for the drawing and a possibility for more (more details about that coming later) 


Make sure you are following @havenconference and @madamofmaking on Instagram and keep an eye on the Madam of Making page for STORY updates and get added to the Studio 24 Group Chat for challenge info and to get help or ask questions about the event. 

Dont forget to come and find me on Thursday Night after you check in at Haven Conference, I have a special swag bags for everyone that REGISTERS for the Studio 24 Red Carpet Challenge (they might even include a few surprises and ways to get additional entries for the Grand Prize Package)

Looking for a FABULOUS outfit you can "ADD to CART" ?