The NEW Upholstery & Sewing 101 Workbook is Finally Here!

Are you ready to get started or even take your Upholstery & Sewing skills to the next level? Look no further because The Madam of Making is in and ready to help you get started! Our NEW 60+ page Upholstery & Sewing 101 Reference Guide Workbook has just launched and is here to help introduce you to the world of upholstery and sewing. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned maker, these resources were written and designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to bring your vision to life.

When is comes to Interior Decorating, are you FRUSTRATED with the limited options available or the PRICES of Custom Pieces?

I get that 1000% For me the spark to learn how to upholster furniture was born out my frustration for wanting really cool furniture but not being able to find it anywhere or afford to have someone else do it for me.
Learning how to upholster your own furniture and make items like headboards, throw pillows, drapes, bedding and other soft items for your home will not only save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars but will also open you up to a world of endless possibilities when it comes to your interior design and home decor projects. You will be able to create truly unique pieces and bring your interior decorating wishes and dreams into reality.

These are all the reasons why I created the Upholstery & Sewing 101 Workbook and included 60+ pages of educational reference guides, easy to follow skill sheets, tool & supply lists, helpful charts, cheat sheets and so much more!

So if you're working on a quick and simple dining chair, something more complex like a wing back chair or even building a custom piece from scratch these resources will be your companions every step of the way.

What's Included & How to Use it

Are you a "gotta feel the paper" person or deeply devoted to digital? Maybe, like me, you thrive in chaos and like to mix it up depending on your mood?
No matter WHEN, WHERE or HOW you want to LEARN... I've got you covered! 

Once you complete your purchase of the Upholstery & Sewing 101 Reference Guide and Workbook you will INSTANTLY receive access to DOWNLOAD all of your files.

Included with Your Purchase

  • Welcome Letter + Exclusive Coupon Codes

  • LETTER SIZED PDF of the Workbook - Perfect for Printing or Desktop Learning

  • TABLET SIZED PDF of the Workbook

  • Helpful FAQ's & Printing Permissions

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  • BONUS Printable Worksheet Bundle - all my most popular upholstery worksheets in one easy to use location. 

Ready to Elevate Your Craft?

Get your hands on our NEW 60+ Page Upholstery & Sewing 101 Reference Guide Workbook and Printable Project Worksheets to unlock your full creative potential. Let's Make Something Magical!