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I love creating content and tutorials with companies that offer products made with the MAKERS, CREATORS and DIYers in mind! If you have something that you want tested out or demonstrated, The Madam of Making might just be your gal! Keep in mind that Im picky about what I suggest to my followers and community because I want them to be as happy with their purchases and products as I am.

If you have an idea for a collaboration or an upcoming challenge or campaign send me a message and we cant start brainstorming!


Looking for More Information about a Past Project?

Send me a message because I'd love to hear from you! It might take me a minute to answer specific questions so in the meantime, check out a few other options below.

  • If its on my website theres a very good chance I have additional information about the project on one of my social channels. Like a Highlight on Instagram, Long Tutorial YouTube etc.                       
  • Take a second to scroll down to the bottom of the Blog Post as I will always try and link other places that might have helpful information, as well as links to any of the products or tools I used for the project.


Have an Idea for a Possible Collaboration?

  • I love collaborating with other Makers, Creators, DIYers and Designers.
  • Ive worked in tandem on many project over the years and love the magic that happens when people with different skills and backgrounds work together.
  • Shoot me a message and add as many details as possible and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Interested in Content Creation, UGC or Upcoming Campaign?

  • Creating Content and UGC for Compaines that I trust and belive in is quickly becoming a new favorite facet to my everyday comings and goings.
  • Having the right tools, supplies or finishes can make all the difference when you are working on a project, and many companies want tfeedback on how their products preform or to showcase the facinating DIY process from start to finish.That is where the MADAM of MAKING can help!
  • Use the form below for Media Package Requests or email Lindsey directly at madamofmaking@gmail.com with any details or questions you have.
  • Madam of Making is also an active member on the following sites Aspire.com, Cohley.com Activate.com and Mavrck.com

Recent Collaborations

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