Being able to see what was... and in the same breath what it became is magical!

If you are like me, (and you've spent any time in thrift stores or second hand shops,) you've come across your fair share of what I like to call "Furniture with a Future"  Pieces that have seen better days, but still call to you because they have that special something, that good ju-ju. Interesting lines, unique details or just something that would fit perfectly into your life and space.

BUT maybe the piece has seen better days, has tears or rips in the fabric and stains that seem questionable and give you that uncontrollable "ew" face.

What do you do?  Is it worth the risk? Is it TOO far gone? Thats not something I can answer for you. I've worked on some scary pieces over the years but so far I've never come across a piece that couldn't be brought back to life!