The top 3 question's I get asked...

What is that? Where did you get it? and How can I learn more?

When you dabble in a little bit of everything creative, you end up trying a lot of tools and a lot of supplies. So I thought I would it make it easy and create a registry of all of my favorite tools, supplies, links as well as tons of freebies and sources to help you along the way! Every item in this registry is something that I have personally tried, tested and use frequently in my studio and workshop.

As an Amazon Influencer/Associate I have the opportunity to earn from qualifying purchases. Many of the lists include affiliate links, (which means I might make a little $ if you decide to purchase the item through my links. This costs you nothing extra, but those links help me stay in business and keep the bulk of my content free, but know that I will never add anything to this registry if it isn't something that I have owned, liked and use in my daily life.

Check out this LINK For more about my disclosures and affiliate links.

Upholstery & Fabrication

Upholstery is one of those trades that has a somewhat SHORT list of very specific tools and supplies. Within that short list though the quality of tools or specifics of the supplies can vary wildly. I have put together a guide of upholstery tools in a variety of price ranges and the PROS & CONS of each. This list also contains sources for purchasing supplies without minimums or needing to set up a commercial or wholesale account.

Preferred Power Tools

It might shock you to hear that I really love the line of 18v tools from Ryobi. Wait... you're not surprised?!? Well now I'm shocked ha! ha! All jokes aside I first started collecting Ryobi tools about 5 years ago, but in 2021 I had the opportunity to meet some of the team from Ryobi Tools and got to see and play with some of their new tools geared for crafters and makers. I was immediately in love! Before leaving I had an embarrassing long wish list in my pocket. Through an incredible partnership with RYOBI my collection has grown and I cant see myself stopping anytime soon ha!

Below is a link that includes all of my favorite, and WELL LOVED, power tools. There isn't anything on this list that I haven't tried, tested and put through the "Madam Test" 

Sewing & Crafting

There's a silly rumor that I was born with a sewing kit in one hand and a glue gun in the other Ha! OK... maybe not, but growing up my mom was always behind her sewing machine and my dad was in his wood-shop, so its no surprise that even as a child I loved creating and crafting of all kinds! This lengthy list of my favorite sewing and crafting supplies will probably keep growing forever and forever, but I can personally vouch for each and every item that is currently on the list.

Organizing Organism

When I was a young newlywed my hubby and I were making Christmas Wish lists and he was shocked to see that I had asked for tupperware, slotted bead boxes, a label maker and a huge pegboard. He laughed a bit and said these aren't Christmas presents these are just house things. I explained that for me organizing is fun and relaxing and having the right tools to be able to do it well IS a HUGE present! We had a really small place and it didn't get much bigger until we had been married for almost 15 years, so I have gotten really good at organizing insane amounts of supplies in the most efficient and compact way possible. The trick is almost always having the right pieces that work now AND down the road as your stash of supplies grows, (because as all makers know the stash will always grow) check out the link for all my old tried-and-true as well as new organizational supplies.

Furniture Flipping

When my kids were tiny I really wanted to be home with them, but still needed to make money when & where I could. I was already sourcing and reselling vintage decor and clothing, but adding FURNITURE FLIPPING to the mix was a great way to increase what I was able to make. We all know time is money, so finding products that actually made the flips go faster was a big boost to my bottom line.

My Maker Library

Where are my bibliophiles at? Are you team Digital Download or Team Piles of Books? I fall somewhere in between and I know that we live in a digital age where you can learn damn near anything through blogs, websites, social media and Youtube University.... buts there really is something  magical about holding a big heavy book in your hands that is chock-a-block full of pictures, tutorials and education on a specific craft or medium.

My MAKER library has grown to the point where it probably has its own zip code and might start receiving its own junk mail, but I love each and everyone of them. If they are on the list below, then they are currently in my library or open somewhere in my workroom.