Fall ORC: Luxe Laundry Room Week 1

Confession... I am a habitual ORC "signer-upper". I think I have signed up to do the One Room Challenge at least a half dozen times at this point, but this will be my very first (REAL) One Room Challenge, and I have chosen to give my boring "YAWNdry Room" a major makeover! 

Ready to see what I'm currently working with? 
Our home was built in 2000 and we came to find out that the original builder ran out of funds when the house was 80% finished. So it was sold off to a local home builder and they finished it using the cheapest and most basic finishes possible.

None of the cabinets throughout the house had hardware and many were even missing the interior shelves. In the laundry room the previous owners installed a row of prebuilt cabinets (that don't match) above the spot for the Washer and Dryer. 

The one thing that the laundry room has going for it is the space. We have always had a laundry room that was more like a walkthrough to the garage, so when we bought our house I was thrilled to have it be in its own room. 

My Goals for this One Room Challenge:

Remove the Upper Cabinets then refinish and paint them a fun color.

Install a wallpaper mural

Break out the boring buildergrade tile and install new two toned hexagon tiles. 

Brighten up the walls and ceiling with new paint in an exciting color

DIY two new light fixtures for the ceiling

Create a mini-apartment for our Floof

Reposistion the Upper Cabinets to create more storage and add new hardwares to all of the upper and lower cabinets 

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Inspiration Photos 


The One Room challenge® will provide participants with a supportive, enthusiastic forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas.

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